Universal Treadmill Motor Control Set TB63 Compatible With NordicTrack ProForm Icon Treadmill

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Treadmill Motor Speed Control set TB63

1 How control set TB63 works?
This universal control set often use for treadmills which can't find a suitable parts to repair. replace with our display and control board to your treadmill, then it can bring the treadmill back to running. 
treadmill universal control set bring treadmill back to life
treadmill universal control set make the treadmill running
2 Product description:
part number: TB63 series
application: compatible for many home use treadmill with dc motor.
Controller Technical Parameters:
size: 130mm * 100mm * 70mm
Input voltage:[AC] AC85V ~ 255V
Sensor mode: Magnetic sensor / light perception / no sensor [default no sensor mode]
1: set the sensor mode by setting; set the minimum speed and maximum speed; set the output torque size; speed calibration
2: over current and speed protection
3: Output short circuit or open circuit protection
【Display:】 digital tube, LED display; touch button;
【Display content】: treadmill speed, exercise time, movement distance, calories and slope
【Key Function:】 start / stop key, mode setting key, speed plus or minus key, slope plus or minus key, speed shortcut key, slope shortcut key;
【Dashboard function:】 countdown mode, distance countdown mode, calorie countdown mode, motion built-in program;
【Installation:】 can be fixed with double-sided adhesive in the original shell surface; or embedded into the original treadmill instrument panel display window;

Setting the output torque:

1 Unplug the safety key

2 Press the “mode button”, more than 3 seconds, the window shows "100". Then release the button to enter the parameter setting mode, as below photo:

3 Click the "start" button , the left side of the window shows "101", it means at this time can setting the min speed, as photo:

4 Press the "start button" , until the window on the left shows "107", it means at this time can setting "torque setting mode"

5 use "Speed +" and "Speed-"  button to adjust the value, after setting the value, press the "Start" button, at the time the left side of the window shows “108”, it means the value is confirmed, system will save the setting automatically.

6 The last step: put the security lock up, Finish setting.


Parameter definition


Defaults value

Programming range


Min speed





Max speed





Speed calibration










Lifting mode





Sensor mode





Output torque setting















Pay attention:

(1) 103 corresponds to the motor speed calibration, the greater the set value, the smaller the motor output speed;

if without sensor, 103 corresponding to the larger the value, the greater the motor output speed.

(2)105 correspond to the lift control mode;

  • 105 = 10.1 means can lift;
  • 105 = 10.0 means cannot lift

(3) 106 correspond to the sensor mode;

  • 9 means with light sensor
  • 0 means with magnetic sensor;
  • 1 means without sensor

(4) 107 corresponds to the size of the motor output torque, the greater the set value, the greater output torque.

After each setting of a parameter, be sure to click the "Start / Stop" button, to save the set parameters.

3 How to determine the failed controller:
4 testing the motor is normal: 
5 package and warranty:
1 pcs * controller,1 pcs * display, 1 pcs * data cable, 1 pcs * safety key.
 90days warranty.

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