Sw01-CB-REV1.0 KSW13 Treadmill Control Board Sw01-CB-REV1.6 Treadmill Motor Controller Circuit Board Power Unit 110-volt

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SW01-CB-REV1.0 Treadmill Control Board SW01-CB-REV1.6 Treadmill Motor Controller Circuit Board Power Unit 110-volt

Product Features

Part number: SW01-CB-REV1.0 SW01-CB-REV1.6 

Application: For York-excel Plus Treadmill 

Volt: 100~120 v 

Warranty: 90 days

Package: 1 pcs controller

Confirm the right model

Please send us some photos of your original control board for confirmation,thank you very much!

How to determine the failed controller:

E01: communication failure,the individual is a sensor failure;

E02: controller failure, we want to know which detector is broken, if E02 is best to first test the motor to see if there are any problems motor

E03: Sensor fault; general treadmill will turn a few seconds later, there E03;

E04: generally over-current fault, this situation is generally burned components on the controller;

E08: There may be a lift motor control fault.

Make sure the motor is normal

Please make sure that there is no problem with the motor before you place your order.The motor can be tested by the method shown in the picture below. If the motor running smoothly by 2pcs 5# battery, that means the motor is good. If running not smoothly or do not running, it means the motor broken.


How to find other treadmill motor controllers ?

We have many treadmill control board in stock, please don't hesitate to contact us if you do not find out the board in our website.

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