EV0T3 EVOT3 UBV-2200B UBV-2200 Treadmill Inverter Power Supply Unit Treadmill Frequency Converter Motor Controller Circuit Board

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EV0T3 UBV-2200B UBV-2200 UNIONBRIDGE Treadmill Inverter Motor Power Inverter Frequency Converter Transducer unit Invertor

Package include

Original Inverter EV0T3 UBV-2200B *1PCS


1.Part number: EV0T3 UBV-2200B
2.Application: for Treadmill
4.Condition: New


90 days warranty.

Confirm Right Board

Pls noted, this controller have serveral types. Pls send us a photo of your original/old board for confirmation before place an order, thank you!

How to determine the failed controller

E01: communication failure, sensor failure;

E02: you'd better test the motor first to check if there is any problem with motor, if motor work normal, then need to change controller.

E03: Sensor fault; treadmill will run few seconds then show E03;

E04: usually over-current fault, this situation is generally burned components on the controller;

E08: May be lift motor control fault.

Make sure the motor run normal by testing

Please make sure that there is no problem with the motor before you place your order.The motor can be tested by the method shown in the picture below. If the motor running smoothly by 2*5# battery, that means the motor is good. If running not smooth or do not run, it means motor broken.

Real photos:

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