Universal for Reebok Treadmill Motor Controller with LCD Display Compatible For ReeBok Running Machine

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Universal Treadmill Motor Controller Set Speed Control Kit  With LCD Display Suitable for DC Motorized Running Machine

 Introduce FAQ:

Q1: What is a universal control set?
A1: Universal Control Set can replace the original upper control and lower controller to control the motor, so that the treadmill can resume operation.

Q2: When to choose this Universal Control Set ?
A2:  When you can't find a suitable part to repair your treadmill or when the original part too expensive.

Q3: What brand of treadmill is suitable for the Universal Control Set?
A3:  Universal Control Set can compatible with almost all DC motorized treadmills, from 1.0~4.0 HP.
Please note: If your treadmill with incline function, please make sure the incline motor is this type ( have red/black/white 3 wires + 3pins incline sensor ). If you can't sure, contact us.

Q4: Is this Universal Control Set easy to install?
A4: Very very easy. We send the set to you with manual, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We guide you through the installation.

Q5: What I need to confirm before I order this Universal Control Set?
Please make sure
a. Motor performance OK
b. Transmit function OK, especially belt, lubrication normal.
c. Only work for home treadmill use DC motor.


Testing the motor is normal

Please make sure that there is no problem with the motor before you place your order.The motor can be tested by the method shown in the picture below. If the motor running smoothly by 2pcs 5# battery, that means the motor is good. If running not smoothly or do not running, it means the motor broken.


Product Features

Part number: Ctrlset-001
Application: For all DC motorized treadmills
Volt: 85V ~ 240V
Motor HP: 1~2 HP or 1~4 HP
Max Speed: 16KM/h
Warranty: 90 days
Package: include 1 pcs Controller + 1 pcs Display + 1 pcs safety key + 1 pcs data wire

Use FAQ:

Q1. How to set Max speed 16km/h?(defaut max speed 12km/h)

1. remove safety key
2. press"mode" button for 3 seconds until you see 100
3. press"start" button twice until you see 102, the number on the right side of 102 is the default max speed--12
4. press speed+ to adjust the max speed, 16 max
5. press"start" button to save this setting
6. put safety key on display--OK now.


Q2: how do I connect speed sensor?
No need speed sensor for this kit

Q3. is it possible to adjust the inclination? the inclination is not flat.
YES, steps as below
1. remove safety key
2. press"mode" button for 3 seconds until you see 100
3. press"start" button several times until you see 105
4. 105=10.1 stands for incline function, 10.5=10.0 no incline function
5. press speed +_ button to adjust 10.0/10.1
6. press"start" button to save this setting
7. put safety key on display--OK now.


Q4. How to install all wires?

Please follow the step as below:


How to find other treadmill motor controllers ?

We have many treadmill control board in stock, please don't hesitate to contact us if you do not find out the board in our website.

Good package


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