Universal Treadmill control system Inverter controller Dispay control panel circuit board drive VFD Inverters for AC 1-4HP motor

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Universal Treadmill control system Inverter controller Dispay control panel circuit board drive VFD Inverters for 1-4HP AC motor

important hint ↓

1. Since the controller/inverter/motor is a special product, please provide a photo of the old controller/inverter and send it to our customer service for inspection/confirmation.

2. To order a separate "LCD display", please provide pictures of the old inverter and old cables and send them to our customer service for inspection. Thanks!

Package include:

Inverter *1pc
LCD Display *1pc
safety key *1pc
cable *1pc

Remarks: Please refer to the option picture (product list) as the standard.

Delivery time: 1-7 days
Warranty time: 90 days
Transportation time: 15-50 days (subject to actual transportation)

Product parameters:

• INV1→ 1.5KW for 2.0-2.5HP AC motor.

• INV2:→2.2KW for 3HP AC motor.

• INV3→ 3.0KW for 4-4.25HP AC motor

• Support 110V or 220V voltage (select according to motor voltage).

• The AC control system only supports 3pin incline sensor (as shown in the picture / incline / Lift motor).

Product function & wiring :

Products real shot ↓

AC / Three-phase motor test:

1. AC motor has 3 cables: black/red/yellow.

2. Use the "universal current measuring instrument" to test the black/red/yellow cables respectively.

3. If the three cables have the same resistance value, the AC motor is normal.

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