SW-1382CB-REV1.5 KSW13 SW13 Lower control board circuit board Power Board LCB for Reebok Treadmill Controller no incline/lift

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SW-1382CB-REV1.5 KSW13 SW13 Lower control board circuit board Power Board LCB for Reebok Treadmill Controller no incline/lift

Specifications & List:

1. Part Model: SW-1380CB-REV1.5 / SW13

2. Application: for treadmill repair.

3. Quantity: Motor Controller * 1pcs.

4. For 110V or 220V.

5. Warranty time: 90 days.

6. Stocking time: 1-7 days.


1. Different treadmill models have different controller programs, please be sure to order according to the control model.

2. Controllers of different models/programs are not compatible.

3. you don't know the model of the controller, please provide a photo of the old controller and send it to us for inspection.

Fault code analysis:

How to determine the failed controller:

E01: communication failure,the individual is a sensor failure;

E02: controller failure, we want to know which detector is broken, if E02 is best to first test the motor to see if there are any problems motor

E03: Sensor fault; general treadmill will turn a few seconds later, there E03;

E04: generally over-current fault, this situation is generally burned components on the controller;

E08: There may be a lift motor control fault.

Real picture :

For SW-1380CB-REV1.5 / SW13 ↓


Please make sure that the motor is in working order before placing your order. How to identify whether the motor is in working order: ↓
1.Use 2-3PCS 5# batteries
2.Connect like photo
3.See motor running or not

If you need more models for treadmill controller, please contact us, thank you! ↓

Packaging steps ↓

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