5PCS/10PCS Universal Treadmill Lubricating Oil Running Machine Lubricant Treadmill Belt Lube Silicone oil

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Package include:

Lubricant oil for treadmill 30ML 5PCS / 10PCS

Application function:

Reduce the friction between the running belt and the treadmill board, and prolong the service life of the treadmill.
Maintenance cycle:
1. treadmill runs less than 3 hours per week,  lubricating it per 5 months ,Dosage per time / 1pcs (30ml) .
2. treadmill runs less than 4.7 hours per week, lubricating it per 2 months ,Dosage per time / 1pcs (30ml) .
3. treadmill runs more than 7 hours per week, lubricating it per 1 month ,Dosage per time / 1pcs (30ml) .
usage method
1.turn off the treadmill power
2. Inject the oil into the running belt between the running boards
3.turn on the treadmill and run it at low speed
4.After the lubricating oil is evenly applied, it can be completely absorbed by the running belt


1.Keep out of reach of children

2. Do not take internally.
3. As all chemicals,avoid contact with skin and eyes,as it may cause irritation

Lubricant oil for treadmill30ML

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